Running a round and in a single track NGEBEL Ponorogo lake, Invites you beginners to advanced runners from all parts of Indonesia to run around the lake, clean air, quiet atmosphere of the lush WILIS forest. The NLC is a great cross-country track, with track variations that will push even the strongest runners on.

(NLC) Ngebel Loope Chalange is a road running track with variations up and down at an altitude of 734m above sea level, with a distance of 5.25 kilometers you can decide whether you want to run 1 lap (5.25 km), 2 laps (10,5 km) or 4 laps (21 km). Each lap has an elevation gain of about 144feet, with challenging hills, running trails, and sections to traverse completely. Under the shade of trees and around the lake.

This event is non-profit, there is no charge for all personal equipment provided by the participants, PTR only facilitates the availability of routes, time recording (using the Strava application) on each of the participants' 2 mobile phones / running watches